Two Texas Race Riots

The True Story of the Brownsville Riot of 1906 and the Houston Riot of 1917

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The Buffalo Soldiers

Two Texas Race Riots Book Cover

Set against the backdrop of Jim Crow Texas in the early twentieth century, Two Texas Race Riots brings to life the hardships African American infantry soldiers, members of the iconic Buffalo Soldiers, faced while stationed at Fort Brown in Brownsville in 1906 and Houston’s Camp Logan in 1917.  The 1906 incident in Brownsville resulted in the largest mass discharge in U.S. Military History, and the 1917 Houston incident resulted in a series of military murder trials, the largest in United Sates history.

The 1906 incident took place during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, whose role in the aftermath of the Brownsville affair is perhaps the biggest stain on the former president's reputation.  The 1917 Houston Riot took place during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson and occured shortly after the United States entered World War One.  President Wilson's well-known racial bigotry and segregationist policies were contributing factors that led to the riot.

"Badly Needed in schools and Universities"

Keith Springer, public school history and social studies teacher, Corpus Christi, Texas

"A Shocking Tale of Racial Injustice And the Need for Healing"

Larry Running Turtle Salazar, Author of The Pipe and the Pen:  Remembering Our Original Instructions

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